• When do subscriptions renew?

    Subs renew on the same day of every month! For example: if you first sub on the 3rd then the next month you will be charged on the 3rd.

  • Can I skip a month?

    You are able to skip, pause or cancel at any time.

    Skipping will just skip that month and still be active the next month. You can skip an unlimited number of times per year, but you cannot skip three times consecutively.

    Pausing is continuous and unpausing must be done manually. If your sub is paused for one year with no activity, it will be cancelled.

    Cancelling must be done BEFORE the next order is placed.

  • Where is my box? I just was charged for my next month.

    Since we want to bring you high quality books and goodies we have shipping times of an estimated 4-6 weeks! We try to get everything out as quickly as we can without sacrificing the product.